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Hammerhead Off-Road Mudhead® 208R

The MudHead is the ideal kart for kids ranging from age 8 – 13. It is fully assembled, quality-certified and packaged in the United States of America. The MudHead comes with:

  • 208cc LCT electric-start engine & additional backup pull-start
  • adjustable driver’s seat with a manual choke underneath for all-weather starting
  • LED headlights
  • 3-year parts & labor engine warranty backed and honored by LCT USA.

Hammerhead Off-Road GTS Platinum™

, Go Karts & UTVs at Heinold & Feller

The Hammerhead GTS 150 Platinum Edition incorporates the unique styling of our GTS 150 combined with advanced features such as:

  • nitrogen gas shocks
  • brushed aluminum wheels
  • the only stock go kart to be outfitted with performance shocks
  • drivers can maintain top-tier performance in hardcore off-road conditions

Hammerhead Off-Road LE-150

, Go Karts & UTVs at Heinold & Feller

The Hammerhead LE 150 is the newest edition to the Hammerhead line up. Features include:

  • modern brushguard design
  • additional plastic side panels
  • super-bright LED headlights
  • large cargo area
  • 150cc oil-cooled engine
  • manual-choke start
  • Hammerhead shark-tread CST tires

Hammerhead Off-Road GTS 150™

, Go Karts & UTVs at Heinold & Feller

The Hammerhead GTS 150 is is safe, reliable and dominant. It is consistently the nation’s best-selling 150cc go kart. It has more standard features than any of its competitors. Makes an excellent gift for you or your teenager.

  • individual & adjustable racing-style seats, 5-point seatbelts
  • unique body-styling with wrap-around side panels
  • adjustable steering wheel
  • speedometer/odometer, and much, much more. .

Hammerhead R-150

, Go Karts & UTVs at Heinold & Feller

The Hammerhead R-150 is a light-duty, two-wheel drive utility vehicle ideal for cruising around the lake house or doing maintenance around your property. There is not a more affordable UTV on the market with this much durability, quality and comfort.

  • stylish exterior, spacious interior
  • 250lb manual dump-bed
  • 500lb towing capacity
  • top speed of roughly 25mph