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Valparaiso, Indiana

Have you noticed that your car is slow to start? Do your headlights seem dim?

Don’t wait to have your battery checked at Heinold & Feller. When you start noticing these symptoms you only have a little bit of time before you go to start your car and get the dreaded “click, click, click” and end up stuck somewhere.

Give us a call! Heinold & Feller sells and installs Interstate Batteries and our experienced auto technicians can service and repair your electrical system issues.

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Tips to help extend the life of your car’s electrical system.

  • Clean off your battery and the connections once a month.
  • When purchasing a new battery, buy the same kind of battery and amps as the old one.
  • Turn off your vehicle’s radio when the engine is not running to preserve your battery.
  • If your vehicle needs a jump-start, use a car that is shut (not running) and jump your vehicle with a battery with the same or lower voltage.
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