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We have Northwest Indiana’s largest tire inventory. That means you can have tires installed quickly at a great price. We can also have out-of-stock tires delivered to our store quickly.

We can put tires on almost anything, including light trucks, cars, lawnmowers, tractors, scooters and go karts.

We carry the top brands like: Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin®, BFGoodrich®, Goodyear, Cooper, Hercules, Mastercraft, Nexen, Fuzion & more.

Not sure what is the best tire for your vehicle? Our team members are here to explain the options to you and offer advice on the best choice for your budget.

Tire Services At Heinold & Feller


Tire Repair

Wondering if your tire can be repaired? Let us take a look to see if a simple tire patch can get it done.


Tire Replacement

Most new tires can be ordered and installed quickly.


Tire Rotation

When you buy your tires at Heinold & Feller we offer a free tire rotation package (in most cases).


Tire Balancing

We can also balance your tires quickly and accurately with our state-of-the-art Hunter Road Force wheel balancing equipment.


Wheel Alignment

We’ll adjust your vehicle’s wheel angles to manufacturer’s specifications, reducing tire wear and ensuring safe driving.


Nitrogen Fill

Tires filled with nitrogen maintain more consistent pressure over the long term, which may improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and extend the life of your tires.


All-Season Tires

These are designed to offer the benefits of both summer and winter tires. These are the tires that most vehicles have when they leave the factory.


Performance Tires

These tires are designed to give drivers increased traction in both wet and dry conditions. They feature unique tread patterns and rubber compounds, which help enhance traction.


Off-Road Tires

These tires have a deeper tread, offering more traction on unpaved or slippery surfaces like sand, dirt & mud.


Snow Tires

These tires are specifically designed to handle the worst road conditions that winter can dish out. You should put snow tires on your vehicle when temperatures are consistently hitting 45 degrees and below.

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“MauriEvery time I need car repairs this business provides services above and beyond. They provide detailed information with videos and a very detailed bill. No mysterious charges or unnecessary repairs. I will always go back to this business. Highly recommend!”

Jesenia G.

“Appointment was on time. Service was great and pricing is better than any local shop in town! We always choose Heinold and Feller!”

Staci S.

“Appointment was on time. Service was great and Was very pleased that someone finally took the time to help me find the tires for my car! No other tire company locally would put effort into helping me! I will never go anywhere else! Thank you!!”

Bethany D.

“I called many places to get estimates to replace a tire. Heinold was cheapest by over $25. Plus it took under 30 minutes and the staff are great.”
–Tara B.
“The best tire buying experience we’ve ever had. The guys were so helpful and very knowledgeable. We ordered one size. After we left they did more research and ordered a comparable size that we ended going with. That’s good customer service at its best!!”
–Jennifer D.
“Wonderful people and place, would recommend for anyone.”
–Mark H.
“Took my car here to have both ball joints replaced and they were honest to say I only needed 1 changed. Definitely taking my vehicles here every time.”
–Colby M.
“Very prompt and friendly service….harder AND harder to find that these days”
–Tim J.
“I called around to check prices, and Heinold was recommended by our local tractor supply place. Not only were their prices fair, but their customer service was excellent. They showed great courtesy from my initial phone call all the way through to loading the tractor tires in our car. I can’t recommend them enough.”
–Gwendy M.
“My brakes went out right next to the shop on a Saturday just before closing. Adam stayed late and got me set up to have it repaired on Monday. Adam is an excellent employee and really takes pride in his work and is great with customers. I would recommend his service.”
–Alex C.
“I was in the area for a baseball tournament and my right rear wheel started to act up. I went in to get it checked out, the service they provided was phenomenal. Got the vehicles repaired for my long ride back to the Detroit area. Thank you for taking care of me!”
–Adrian H.
“Pretty much use them exclusively to get major work done on all of my vehicles. Great prices and quality work. Cannot recommend them enough.”
–Ryan R.
“Honest group of guys. They didn’t try to oversell me; they fixed what was wrong, nothing more, nothing less. They offer a fantastic warranty on the work as well! This was my first time using them and from that experience they are who I’ll be dealing with for many years to come!”
–Ryan G.
“I got a flat tire and didn’t have a spare. When I called, Todd did everything he could to help me. He set me up with a towing company, which was there within 15 minutes – as opposed to the 3 hours I waited for roadside assistance – and within an hour, my tire was changed and he offered to find me a spare as well. The service was great and the speed they did it at was amazing as well. Really great place!!”
–Peyton C.